Pet Policy for Units

Hoping to bring your four-legged friend to your new home? Check out info about our pet policy!

Pet Policy for Units

Hoping to bring your four-legged friend to your new home? Check out info about our pet policy!

Our Approach to Pet Policy

We understand the love you have for your pets. As such, we try to be accommodating and help you move your four-legged friends into your new home. However, we work with a variety of different owners, and their specific allowances for pets differ by property. When you’re interested in a property managed by BMore, please be sure to inquire as to whether or not pets are allowed on the property, and if so, what restrictions (size, breed, etc.) may apply. 

Pet Policy FAQ

Existing Residents

Existing residents follow a slightly different process than new residents who disclose a pet during their leasing process. Existing Residents should start their pet application process here

Pet and Animal Application

All applicants will be asked to fill out a Pet/Animal Screening Application.

The Pet/Animal Screening Application is FREE FOR NON-PET/ANIMAL-Owners and those with Service Animals. Pet owners will be asked to pay a one-time application fee per pet. That fee is subject to change and is described in the screening website.

Number of Animals That May be Permitted

Our properties that do allow pets, with written permission, do not permit more than 2 animals of any kind in any dwelling unit.

Pet Deposit

If your pet is approved, you may expect to pay a refundable pet deposit of $500.00 generally. Our landlord clients make their own pet rules and some deposits are more. This figure should be considered a minimum. We would be happy to tell you the pet deposit amount for an approved pet at any of our properties.

Pet Fees

Besides the application fee, the applicant pet owner can expect to pay a minimum monthly pet fee of $25.00 per approved pet. The fee varies by property.

Service Animals

We do not decline or charge deposits or monthly fees for verified service animals which were disclosed to us before moving into one of our homes. By completing the required Pet/Animal Screening Application we will verify your service animal. There is no fee for service animal screening applications.

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