Leasing and Applications

Looking for your new home? We're excited to welcome you. Learn about our leasing process.

Leasing and Applications

Looking for your new home? We're excited to welcome you. Learn about our leasing process.

Our Application Process

At BMore Management, we’re driven to provide a great space to live for all of our residents. This starts with a clear cut application process that saves your time, and continues along to a helpful resource center that clarifies leasing qualifications, answers about pet policies, utilities, moving out process, and more. We believe that clear and effective communication with our residents is the best way to build a successful, long lasting relationship. 

Application FAQ

Application Fees

The application fee is $50 per person that will be living in the property who is 18 and over and any co-signer’s or guarantors. All persons with pets will pay an additional pet application fee. See below for more information on the pet application.


Dependent Disabled persons and minors do not need to apply but they must be listed on the application submitted by one of the financially responsible parties applying for the home.


Application Fees are NON-Refundable

We may refund some fees under very strict circumstances. One example is when we cannot proceed with an approved applicant due to some change in the availability of the home or property such as if the landlord decides to sell the property instead of leasing after an applicant has applied but before the approved applicant can sign a lease.

Fees are never refundable due to the applicant not qualifying to rent the property or being declined.


Pet and Animal Application

All applicants will be asked to submit a pet/animal screening application. For non-pet owners and persons with support animals there is no fee. Pet owners will be asked to pay a fee per pet. That fee may change but is currently less than our leasing application fee. Please see this link for more information: https://bmoremanagement.petscreening.com/

Does My Guarantor/Co-Signer Need to Apply/Pay the Application Fee?

Yes. All applicants must apply. This includes guarantors/co-signers, fellow residents, significant others who will be occupying the property. See above for more information on some common exclusions.

How Long Does the Process Take?

The application process normally can take from 5-7 business days. It depends heavily on how quickly you are able to provide information requested and how quickly your previous landlord(s) and employer responds. We encourage you to notify your employer and previous landlords that you are applying for a new home and to expect us to contact them.

What If There is More Than One Person That Submits an Application for the Same Property I Did?

Applications are processed on a first come, first served basis based on the time stamp of the application in our processing system. We will let you know that another applicant is ahead of you in processing. If the application ahead of you starts to take too long, we will offer you the opportunity for a refund (prior to screening only) or to continue to wait until the other applicant is finished or leaves the application process. You will then be contacted to confirm your desire to continue.

Do You Hold a Property If I Give You a Security Deposit in Advance?

We do not hold any properties for any reason. If you have decided upon one of our properties you should complete the application process and sign a lease when one is offered to you. By being approved, signing the lease, and paying the 1st full month’s rent and applicable security deposit you will secure the property and we will take it off the market.

How Much is the Pet Deposit? And is There an Additional Monthly Pet Rent?

See this link for more information on pet deposits, fees, requirements etc. https://bmoremanagement.petscreening.com/ 

Can You Tell Me About How Much Utilities Run for the Property?

We do not track this information for all properties but you may call BGE and ask them to provide you a monthly average of the cost of the gas/electric for that unit. 800-685-0123. That breakdown may or may not include shared utilities in some of our apartment buildings such as heat water/sewer or hot water. Water is NOT included at most of our properties. This cost varies greatly depending on usage. For Water/Sewer we recommend you budget $50-60 per month plus $10 for each additional person as a starting point (water only), but not a guarantee of costs.

Leasing Qualifications FAQ

Income Qualifications

Generally we require applicants to earn three times (3x) the monthly rent of a given property to qualify. This can be full-time, part-time, or contract work but it must be verifiable.


Housing Vouchers as Income

We do not discriminate on the basis of source of income. However, our clients generally do not alter their requirements for creditworthiness, total income, and all other application criteria. Also most subsidized housing programs including Section 8 have other leasing requirements such as inspections that are more thorough and difficult to pass than normal rental housing inspections and sometimes considerable repairs or alterations are necessary for a landlord to accept a subsidized applicant. Not all of our landlords are in a position to wait for those inspections or complete the required repairs in order to pass them. We encourage all applicants with Vouchers to verify with us if a particular property is ready to complete these required inspections and repairs if they apply. Voucher applicants should also note on their application that they have a voucher so that it may be considered as income.


Applicants should demonstrate a strong and reliable ability to pay their obligations of any kind. As a rule of thumb we generally do not rent our properties to anyone with a credit score below 600, and otherwise approved applicants with a credit score of 600-649 can expect to pay 2x the monthly rent for a security deposit or secure a bond or other approved instrument for the additional month’s deposit (More information on this coming soon. If the info isn’t here, we have not yet implemented these procedures and only the traditional deposit is available).


Medical Collections

Medical collections are becoming all too common, even for applicants with the best history of payments otherwise. We will not consider medical collections as a negative or detracting factor for an applicant if all other evidence of creditworthiness, income and tenant history is favorable.


Student Loans

There is a lot of debate in the US about what to do with the enormous amount of student debt that graduates and students have and continue to accumulate. For the time being applicants must have all student loan debt in good standing. This is one area where we may make exceptions from time to time, but only at our and our landlord clients’ sole discretion and only if all other evidence of creditworthiness, income and tenant history is favorable.


A Co-signer may or may not be needed for your application. This depends entirely on your particular situation and that of any co-applicants such as housemates or family members or others that will be living in the property. Generally a co-signer will need a credit score of 700+ and sufficient income to pay for the rent in full after their own financial obligations and to make up for any shortfall in the applicants’ income requirement described above.

Additional Deposit

Depending on your particular circumstances you may be asked to provide an additional deposit or equivalent. This will be because you or you combined with your co-applicants did not meet either the income or creditworthiness criteria for the property or some combination of both. At our discretion an additional deposit may be used in lieu of a co-signer or vice versa. In some cases both a co-signer and additional deposit may be necessary. This will also depend on the specific circumstances of each application and each specific co-signer.


We understand things do not always go as planned. Sometimes it is important, even crucial, to press reset so you can move on and move forward. We will work with our applicants who have discharged bankruptcies if all other evidence of creditworthiness is favorable.


Applicants with no evictions in the past 5 years are encouraged to apply. Those with more recent evictions may be considered but only if all other evidence of creditworthiness, income and tenant history is favorable and if we receive glowing recommendations from your past 3 landlords in writing and we can verify that the written recommendations are legitimate. Presenting these recommendations does not guarantee the applicant will be accepted. But we will consider these as part of the decision.

Criminal History

We consider applicants with a criminal history on a case-by-case basis if all other evidence of creditworthiness, income and tenant history is favorable.

If you are looking for an honest company that puts its customers first - Bmore Management is a great option... They have been doing this work for over 10 years and compared to some of the other management companies out there, the personability and diligence he brings to his work will be much appreciated by his customers.

Sam Frank

Four Twelve Roofing

BMore Management has be fantastic to us for the past two and a half years we have rented from them. Renting and leasing the property years ago was an easy process overall and were more than willing to give a prorated 1st month rent since we would be starting our lease in the middle of the month. BMore was prompt with its dialogue and got us in our new place with no problems.

Michael Woodhouse


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