Maintenance Services

Prompt and professional maintenance services are a cornerstone of BMore Management

Maintenance Services

Prompt and professional maintenance services are a cornerstone of BMore Management

Protecting Your Investment and Tenants

Protecting your investments is a priority to the team at BMore Management. When maintenance concerns are ignored or only partially resolved, it not only results in tenant dissatisfaction but can result in permanent damage to the property. Prompt and professional maintenance services are crucial to how we operate at BMore, instilling you with peace of mind and keeping your tenants safe and comfortable.

Maximize Your Investment

The fact of the matter is that a well-maintained and taken care of property will fetch a higher price on the market and retain its value for a longer time. Maintenance oversights can lead to problems that are small at first but quickly compound into property-altering issues that need large expenses to remediate.

What Maintenance Entails

When a manager overlooks an aspect of maintenance on your properties, you pay the price. BMore Management is committed providing comprehensive maintenance services that truly allow your property to retain its curb appeal, essential functions, and internal spaces. Some of these services include:

If you are looking for an honest company that puts its customers first - Bmore Management is a great option... They have been doing this work for over 10 years and compared to some of the other management companies out there, the personability and diligence he brings to his work will be much appreciated by his customers.

Sam Frank

Four Twelve Roofing

Company was the most attentive and professional management service I have worked with in my 4 years of renting in Baltimore. They even helped me clean out my place at the end of my lease. Highly recommend.

Trish Langely


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Our comprehensive property management service handles every facet of the management process, from leasing to rent collection to moving our procedures.  

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