About Us

BMore Management is a modern property management company tailored to each client's needs.

About Us

Your dedicated property management team

Baltimore-Based, State-Wide Capacity

Founded on the principles of modern, data-oriented property management. BMore Management works with clients of all scopes to manage their portfolios of investment properties, ensuring their tenants are taken care of and properties are protected.


At BMore Management, we provide thoughtful, hands-on property management services. Our goal is to take a holistic look at your investment portfolio and address the individual needs for each property. From timely maintenance services to tenant screening, rent collection, and more, we cover all aspects of property management so you can use your valuable time elsewhere.

Our History

BMore Management started in 2014 out of a basic need for change. The management company I was working for was focused solely on balancing revenue and expenses, and basic survival. Not desperate survival, but that it had no goal nor motivation to improve or grow, merely to turn the crank, do the job, pay the bills, and repeat. That is the definition of complacency and stagnation when the market was calling for innovation and adaptation. The company was on a downward trajectory that could not be measured in the accounting. It was in the people. 

If you are looking for an honest company that puts its customers first - Bmore Management is a great option... They have been doing this work for over 10 years and compared to some of the other management companies out there, the personability and diligence he brings to his work will be much appreciated by his customers.

Sam Frank

Four Twelve Roofing

I had a fantastic experience with BMore Management while renting my first apartment. Everyone I dealt with was kind and professional and responded to any of my messages promptly. Their maintenance people were all very nice and friendly and responded promptly to any requests. Overall I had a great experience with their team and living in one of their houses.

Tatum Marshall


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We provide a variety of property management services, along with easy to use online portals so owners and tenants can quickly access all the information they need. 

A Word from Our Founder

I started BMore Management from scratch with a vow to ensure my new company would embrace technology, treat people as much more than a spreadsheet entry, aggressively reinvest in itself, and continuously adapt, evolve and improve. We treat properties as the businesses and investments they are, but with an emphasis on maintaining the relationships and positive interactions that make them work. This philosophy extends not only to our clients and residents, but our employees, contractors and vendors as well.


Since I started in property management I have learned what it takes to stabilize or revive a property, what properties will and won’t be successful, and what makes a successful investment. Because of that, we’re not just a property management company. We are an investment company and the most important partner in your investments’ success

Ready to Make the Most of Your Properties?

As a Baltimore property management company, we make it our goal to provide intentional, thoughtful management services to you. As investors ourselves, we understand the needs that guide your management goals, and we’re happy to deliver on them. Contact us today to get started.